About the Artist - I was raised in small town Greenwood SC, having spent stints in OKC, and now currently residing in WNC. I graduated from the University of Lander with a B.S. in Art.

Mystic Booze | Illustration | Screen Printing | Art

About the Work - The imagery is bold, and cyclical in nature. 

Having been put into a coma, to force entry robbed, to beat in my sleep; this is what has lead to such bold and outwardly lashing imagery.

Through these events I needed a way out of my mind more than I had before. I didn't need to just make the day pass through the usage of alcohol. I didn't want to shy away from the feelings that I had. I wanted to be able to control bouts of anxiety and PTSD.

After what was too long of a hiatus, I sat down, and just began to draw. Something happened, what was always pleasurable before started making even more sense to me. I found the escape that was right under my nose. Since then I have been gradually building a body of work that speaks to me.

It speaks to me in the way that drawing a wolf for a child might be a way of creating a secret protector; as seen with the work 'Impending'. The way the print 'Mace Bush' infuses love and hate into one subject matter is literally how I feel almost every waking moment. Sometimes I hate the changes that I have had to go through, and then I remember, that I wouldn't be at the place I am today without those experiences.

These are merely snippets of hidden scars that someone might never know of, or even see. 

If you have read this far, thank you. Be kind, keep a positive mental attitude, and listen to punk music. More importantly, don't do any of that shit if it's not for you; just be you.